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Cyprus Vapes is a startup company that will sell vapes at wholesale prices direct to the public. As an example the most common price for Geek bars in Cyprus is 8 Euro’s. We will be selling them at 5.50 Euro, or if you buy 10 or more we will reduce the price to 5 Euro each. On a box of 10 of your favorite Geek bars that’s a saving of 30 Euro against most of the markets and kiosks.

Best Geek Bar Flavours

1. Sweet Strawberry

What the reviewer said:
“Strawberry flavour Chewits – is exactly what this tastes of. Also one of my favourite sweets so as you can tell this one is a winner with me!
This again is not a pure strawberry – like eating the fruit, this is more of a recreation that you would find in a sweet packet.
However it is not overpowering or synthetic tasting and is easily an all-day vape. Lovely job Geek Bar!”

2. Sour Apple

What the reviewer said:
“Wow this one is a winner! There is some cooling in there – even though this one is not one of the “Ice” flavours.
This is more real tasting than some of the synthetic type flavours and really tastes like the first bite of a cool fresh apple.
I enjoy this one a lot – very realistic and a lovely flavour!”

3. Blueberry Cotton Candy

What the reviewer said: “It is a similar smell to a Drumstick Lolly – and tastes exactly the same too!
I was trying for years to find a convincing Drumstick flavour and I accidentally find it in a disposable!
Needless to say with me being a retro sweet addict I am absolutely in love with this flavour.”

4. Dr Vapes Purple

What the reviewer said: “There is no doubt it is absolutely delicious, it is very sweet initially then you get a sour tang at the end.
I would say this is more of a synthetic flavour than replicating real grape, but it is proper yummy and smells amazing!”

5. Menthol

What the reviewer said:
“Phew Menthol fans will love this! Super cold and minty.
In fact it feels like I have just brushed my teeth and swilled my mouth out with ice cold water! Ooh my mouth is minty fresh, without the hurty sensitive teeth pain too!
But in a “does what it says on the tin” kind of way – this is spot on and menthol lovers will be more than pleased!”

6. Blueberry Ice

What the reviewer said:
“Wow this is lovely!
Not as cold as some of the other Geek Bars but there is some cooling there.
The exhale is where the flavour kicks in – it is a mixture of a minty blueberry. I do wish the mint was a bit toned down as it is predominant but unlike some of the other pods this does mix well.
If the mint was toned down this would be a 10/10 for me. As it stands it is still a nice combo and I could vape this all day.”

7. Mango ice

What the reviewer said:
“Out of all the Geek Bar flavours this was the one I was dreading…
I am greeted with the now familiar ice cold inhale followed by an earthy mango exhale.
It reminds me of all other Mango vapes I have had so is pretty spot on flavour wise.
But I really hate it – it does go to show it is a pretty accurate Mango flavour though or else I would love it!
I have given this high marks even though I think it’s vile as it does live up to the description. One for mango fans for sure.”

8. Banana ice

What the reviewer said:
“I am not normally a banana fan unfortunately – but this is quite nice!
There is the strong cold hit on the inhale but the exhale is exactly the same as the Banana foam sweets you would eat as a child.
Again not a true representation of eating an actual banana but more of a created flavour.
But I, being a banana hater, could happily vape this all day!”

9. Peach Ice

What the reviewer said:
“This one does not feel as icy cold as some of the other ice range but there is some cooling there.
This is a very gentle peach flavour with a minty tinge to the exhale.
Not a flavour banger this but I could happily vape all day on it – but it does seem very “mellow” compared to the strong hit of all the other pods in this range.”

What Are Your Favourite Geek Bar Flavours?

It’s going to take a while to get through testing all the Geek Bar flavours on offer! So what flavours and Geek Bar disposables should we be looking to buy? Don’t be shy, let us know in the comments below!

Geek bars will be available in most flavors and we will let you mix and match to get to 10 or above.

For delivery we will be using AKIS Express to keep the costs as low as possible and deliveries to your local area extremally quick.


Loving the many times I have spent in Cyprus, so I started a blog for everyone who feels the same to contribute to. First came here in the military back in 1984.